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Change – The Only Constant

Its like:

Change vs Status Quo

Change faces a lot of resistance from the people blindly following the status quo. These are people who fear change. Some of the fears associated with Change are as follows:

Fear of Un-Experimented Zone

Status Quo makes people think that because it is going smooth now, hence it should be ok in future too. Status Quo creates an illusion of trust and friendliness. It eludes people away from experimenting new norms and exploring new horizons. It spellbinds people to think that being stuck is ok and to remain in their comfort zone is the right thing to do. Change challenges all these factors and invites to explore the un-experimented zone.

Fear of Making a New Path

The path of status quo is well built and paved. But it takes you to the same level. Path to change needs planning, brainstorming, building a new path from scratch and lots of tweaking along the way to reach a new pinnacle. Some people take this work as a hassle and compromise to remain mediocre.

Fear of Breaking the Rules and Facing Harsh Consequences

Change challenges the Status Quo by suggesting tweaks or major amendments in the longstanding procedures to take them to the next level. This bending of rules fuels fear of harsh consequences which makes people run away from the Change altogether and remain settled in the current state of mediocrity.


What people don’t realize is that its the fear rather than the change itself which is posing challenge to them. Its not that successful people are always fearless to the change. They embrace this fear and make the change anyway.



In the current era, it’s NOT an option.

Embrace the CHANGE before its too late

Its kind of a do or die situation. Adopting Change is MUST.

Gone are the days when people used to rely on their legacy skills and used to stick on them.

Embrace the CHANGE. Improvise daily.

The long-standing misconception of creativity being a Godsend birth gift is already flushed. One can improvise and master any art with practice. According to a research conducted by Malcolm Gladwel for his book ‘Outliers’, he mentions the ’10,000 hour rule’. He states that one can achieve success in any field provided he practices that specific skill for around 10,000 hours.

You don’t have to dread about hours being to many. While climbing up the ladder, you take one step at a time until you reach the top.

Embrace the change TODAY!! One step at a time.



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